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To be recognised as a Professional Educational Consultant by giving proper counseling to students in the selection of education program based on the student's individual needs and talents...

Career counseling and Guidance to students pursuing Professional Courses.

With the advancement and increase in the number of subject, courses and fields that are offered today, students' requirement for education consultants has increased by leaps and bounds.

Researching and applying to colleges can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming for many students and families; the sheer volume of choices is intimidating and it is further magnified by the competitiveness in the current college admissions landscape. So, when it comes to the college admissions process, sometimes the first step is the hardest step to take.

Smile Education Consultancy are here to help you every step of the way - from contemplating your options...to organizing your college search and college applications. To admissions essay help and campus visit tips...as well as any other support and guidance you may need.

College counseling at The S.E.C focuses the college search around the best fit for the student. Because fit is individual and personal, students work one-on-one with a private college counselor to find the place where they can be happy, healthy and successful - academically, socially and emotionally.


Career Counseling

Career Decision Making by YOUR EDU GUIDE™, Leading Career Adviser, Admission Guidance and Education Consultant in India
Career decision making is a dynamic and ongoing process where your knowledge of self, your values, interests, temperament, financial needs, physical work requirements or limitations, etc., the effects of past experiences, new information, and changes in your life situation and environment all intertwine.

It requires constant review of decisions already made and consideration of decisions yet to be made.
Good career decision making requires you to engage in a process that requires you to:

1. Examine and recognize personal values
2. Identify, gather, and use relevant information.
3. Understand and use an effective strategy for converting information into action.
Each career decision is limited by what you are capable of now or in the future, by your ability to identify alternatives, and by what you are willing to do.
Skillful career decision making requires you to be focused, flexible and open to new learning.

The following guidelines and questions to keep in mind to help you with decision making:

1. Define the problem. State the real problem, not the surface problem. State the problem in specific terms, as a question.

2. State the goal clearly. What outcome do you want from this decision?

3. List the initial alternative solutions. Which are the safe ones? Which require risk? What are the outcomes of each solution?

4. Collect information and expand the list of alternatives. What kind of information do need? Where can you obtain it? Is it relevant to the problem? list additional solutions or options.

5. Compare several alternatives with what you know about yourself, your values, your commitments to others, your resources, and your constraints.

6. Take action on your choice. How can you implement your choice? What action can you take now? What action can you take later?

7. Review your choice periodically.

8. Take a new decision based on new situations.


  • Define the problem
  • State the goal clearly
  • List the initial alternative solutions
  • Collect information and expand the list of alternatives
  • Compare several alternatives
  • Choose one alternative
  • Take action on your choice
  • Review
  • Make a new decision

Probably the most beneficial outcome of learning effective career decision making skills is that it gives you a feeling of control over what you can do.
Careful planning decision making will help you make informed, responsible, and wise choices that will lead to greater career satisfaction.



Once you have made a career decision and a choice of an occupation, then develop an Action Plan.
An action plan begins with the identification of short-term and long-term goals. Before you set short-term and long-term career goals, you should have taken informal or formal assessments.

Using the results from these assessments, as well as labor market information, identify careers that will match your abilities, interests, values, personality, development stage, financial needs, transportation and family needs.

An effective career decision plan broadens your horizons and makes the achievement of your dreams far more likely. An effective career plan requires you to set both long-term and short-term goals and they are equally important.

Long-term goals give you a more clear idea of the things to accomplish in the long run as they are usually big and central to your life. The steps taken to reach long-term goals are short-term goals.

Short term goals are achievable within a relatively short period of time (six months to a year). Short-term goals may also be accomplished daily or attained within a month.
For example, your short term goal may be taking a minimum wage job while simultaneously pursuing post-secondary education in preparation for a career, or your short-term goal might be taking several part-time jobs until you find a stable full-time job.

A long term goal takes much more time to reach. For example, if your long-term goal is to become a doctor, then you need to set aside eight years out of your life to pursue a medical career.

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Smile Education Consultancy (S.E.C) - located in Kolkata, is a professional organisation, which has been providing consultancy services in the field of education and career counseling. SEC works with the objective of disseminating information about career prospects for graduate and postgraduate students. It provides career counseling for studying in India and also studying in foreign countries.

At SEC, our students know that our programs give them the best background and experience to face today's competitive market. We are the leading education consultant in India.

Our Co-operative Education counseling programs help provide first-hand experience students need to get the best career. Here the expert counselor to help students with both personal and work problems.


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It is very important to distinguish between what you are good at - Skill, Proficiency and Competence and what you like -values and what you want to do in like - interests.

Exam, Psychometric, IQ, Aptitude tests etc. will tell you what you are good at.

Your values will tell you what you like Orientation in Life:

If you want to enjoy harmony in work-life balance, your choice of career should revolve around your orientation in life, which comprises for factors:

1. Personality: your individual traits, motivational drives, temperament, physical attributes, attitudes.

2. Interests: what you enjoy doing, like gardening, reading books, roaming and hanging with friends, enjoying movies.

3. Values: things that are important to you like status, freedom, money, achievement, honesty.

4. Skill: activities you are good at proficiency, expertise, talent, competence, acumen.

Discovering Value Sense:

Why are you doing BBA or MBA?

For qualification

Why you want to gain Qualifications?

  • To Get success in your Career

Why you want to succeed in your career?

  • To reach top

How Career Planning Helps Students:

  • Unlimited Options what do I choose?

How much time? How much Money?

  • With college and universities offering numerous courses today for a student, it is truly confusing making a choice
  • For student choosing a career path that is far from ones' interest and ability can cause dissatisfaction in the long run
  • Hence it is essential to plan ones career from a long term

How does Career Planning Happen today?

Most often students choose career based on other's preferences; like

- Following the Crowd (Peers)

- Accepting choices made by parents or guardians

- Influence by media

- Following the current trends or availing the most sort after career opportunities.

Career Focus Finder:

- Today most parents and students believe that post school the best career options available to choose from are Medicine, Engineering, CA etc


- However not every student is cut out to be a doctor or an engineer, hence we at YourEduGuide™ assist in helping student to choose an appropriate career in line with his/her interests.

Career Focus




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